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With Kotler Impact, the company founded by Philip Kotler, we are on a mission to find passionate partners, creators, and influencers who share our vision for Impact Marketing.

Gabriele Carboni and Philip Kotler are particularly excited to invite you to partner with us for eWMS, the largest online marketing event ever staged. This year we’re hosting over 200 speakers and anticipate an audience exceeding 100 million people.

This partnership could do wonders for your personal brand and comes with a handsome reward.

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In 2010 Prof. Philip Kotler referred to as the ‘father of modern marketing’ & Sadia Kibria founded the World Marketing Summit (WMS) to spread an innovative marketing and business culture among marketing leaders. In Kotler’s words, marketing is ‘a social and managerial process’: society is constantly changing, and therefore marketing must also constantly change in an effective way to interpret social changes.

Today, marketing is called upon to radically rethink itself if it wants to continue creating value for organizations, consumers, and communities in a long-term perspective: innovation and advanced technologies create new opportunities and needs in markets. Today, consumers are asking businesses not only to have quality products but to collaborate in the well-being of communities actively; the available technologies make it possible to develop this action to an extent previously unthinkable.

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