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Entering the Philip Kotler's ecosystem

How I met Philip Kotler

I first met Philip Kotler in 2017 in Milan. During his stage appearance, he commented that Italy hadn’t produced any innovators since Leonardo da Vinci. Our paths crossed again in 2018 and once more in 2019 in Rome, which is when I also met Sadia Kibria, CEO of Kotler Impact and the World Marketing Summit Group, along with Fahim Kibria, the Chief Marketing Officer of Kotler Impact.

That meeting marked the inception of a close-knit bond with Kotler Impact. I presented them with my Marketing Distingo card deck, an invention that was recognized as one of the top three global innovations in 2019.

Then I had the chance to visit their offices in Toronto, Mississauga, and the rest of the Kotler Impact establishment. Over the course of a week, I grew fond of the Kotler team, including Sadia Kibria, Fahim Kibria, and Ahmad Kibria. Their mission to effect positive global change via marketing resonated deeply with me.

Together with Kotler Impact, we launched the inaugural worldwide edition of ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing,’ co-authored by Philip Kotler and several other marketing experts. The first-ever edition, the ‘Italy edition’ in English, featured 34 case studies and was primarily aimed at an Italian audience.

In 2022, we released a second book, ‘A New Path to Digital Marketing‘ with foreword by Philip, which I authored. The book explores digital strategy and includes the world’s most downloaded marketing canvas, the Visual Communication Planner.

Following that, we launched the Italian language edition of ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing,’ with an increased count of 55 case studies. Meanwhile, Kotler Impact had been globally releasing several other editions of the book, becoming the first-ever marketing book featuring market-specific case studies. An example is the Polish edition released recently by my friend Mariusz Soltanifar.

Our collaborative goal is to shape the next century of marketing. ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ is a worldwide project with me as a co-author, along with many others who contribute local case studies or additional chapters to their respective editions.

If you’re intrigued by the Philip Kotler ecosystem, feel free to contact me directly. Together, we can find ways to promulgate this novel marketing concept in your country. The concept of the book came into existence when I met Philip in 2017.

During that post-event conversation, I expressed disagreement with Philip’s stage remarks. I didn’t agree with his belief that Italy hadn’t seen innovators since Leonardo da Vinci. We might lack corporate giants like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, but we do boast highly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. These companies’ stories are encapsulated in the ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ Italy edition.

Working with Philip Kotler and Kotler Impact is an unceasingly rewarding journey. If you wish to help disseminate ideas about marketing, Impact Marketing, business and sustainability in your market, do not hesitate to reach out to me and join the Philip Kotler ecosystem.

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