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“To date, marketing has focused only on the consumer and profit. Together with Gabriele Carboni we have defined Impact Marketing as a strategic process that involves all stakeholders in generating a positive impact, which translates into profit. You are the protagonists of this change and Gabriele Carboni is the most suitable person to guide you, he is the North Star of Impact Marketing.”

Philip Kotler

Marketing for the next 100 years

Capitalism, the very concept of economy, have become synonymous with consumerism, waste, and competition in the worst sense of the word. Companies, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers look exclusively to profit. A profit that is often at the expense of others, be it the competitor, the supplier, and sometimes even the customer.
Marketing, often confused with advertising or communication, has become this system’s main lever, helping organizations influence consumers negatively. Then, even worse, marketing has become the auction on which to flaunt issues of social responsibility, sustainability, and purpose, exploited to generate more profit.
We need new capitalism, a civilized economy, and sustainable and virtuous marketing practices. From a concept of marketing as the profitable satisfaction of needs, the need for new marketing is emerging, Impact Marketing.

The new definition of Marketing

Un processo strategico che coinvolge tutti gli stakeholder nella generazione di un impatto positivo, che ha come risultato il profitto.

Gabriele Carboni, Philip Kotler